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Integrated Research Laboratories in Human Inflammation

About the Lab

Our laboratories are interested in the molecular, cellular and physiological changes that characterize the human response to injury. In the central nervous system (CNS), we study the blood brain barrier, cerebrospinal fluid and the contribution of microglia to inflammation in the brain. In peripheral tissues, we study the parasympathetic control of neuroinflammation and how the vagus nerve can regulate the response to burn, hemorrhage and cutaneous injury. Our research focuses on the function of sentinel genes that control set points of homeostasis and specifically, taxonomically restricted genes that differentiate the human response to injury from that of other species.

costantini-todd.jpeg Todd Costantini, MD
Associate Professor

de-maio-antonio.jpeg Antonio De Maio, PhD
Professor of Surgery and Neuroscience

eliceiri-brian.jpeg Brian Eliceiri, PhD

In The News

UC San Diego Surgery Resident Theresa Chan, MD awarded the 2017-2018 Shock Society Research Investigator Fellowship

Rob Dorschner, MD awarded KL2 grant award from UC San Diego CTRI

Theresa Chan, MD wins First Place for Basic Science at the ACS-COT Region IX Resident Paper Competition


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