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Vagus Nerve-Mediated Immunity

The capacity for the vagus nerve to regulate immune-homeostasis has been a focus of laboratory studies based on the significant insights into how stimulation of the vagus nerve can mediate the inflammatory setpoint in injury. Injury setpoint refers to the systemic inflammatory status either pre-/post-injury or during the course of care that may alter the immune response and account for different outcomes between individuals who suffer similar injuries. Studies in our laboratory have defined the ability of vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) to prevent intestinal inflammation and improve gut epithelial barrier function after injury. Intestinal inflammation following injury has previously been defined as the catalyst for the systemic inflammatory response to injury that can lead to organ failure and late deaths in injured patients. Our studies have identified enteric glia cells, a component of the enteric nervous system, as a candidate cell type that may mediate the gut protective effects of VNS. By harnessing the anti-inflammatory effects of enteric glia cell activation, we hope to develop therapeutics that may improve outcomes in patients following severe trauma and burn injury.

Publication Highlights

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