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To ensure didactic for the NightFloat Team, the didactic session will be proctored by the weekly Trauma/Acute Care Service attending for the NightFloat team (PGYIV, III and I). Here are the 10 topics that is a baseline curriculum for both acute care surgery and trauma surgery.

Acute Care Surgery:

  1. Acute Diverticulitis: Diagnosis and management: When to operate immediately and electively.
  2. Acute and necrotizing pancreatitis: Eat when you can, sleep when you can and stay out of the pancreas.
  3. Biliary tract pathology: Management of acute cholecystitis, cholangitis and choledocholithiasis.
  4. Sepsis: Resuscitation and Management beyond surviving sepsis.
  5. Bowel Obstruction: Why do we let the sunset and rise again?
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Trauma Surgery:

  1. TBI and intracranial hypertension
  2. Hypocoagulability in trauma: Diagnosis, TEG interpretation and management
  3. Vascular injury: Diagnosis, management and the role of intravascular technology
  4. Free fluid on the CT scan following trauma: Differential diagnosis and management
  5. Damage control laparotomy and decompressive laparotomy: Indications, goals of therapy and definitive closure.