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SICU Central Line Course



Central Line Insertion Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI) are preventable complication in almost all patients. CLABSI rates are reported to state health authorities and are accessible by health consumers who are choosing hospitals.

Careful insertion technique, use of ultrasound guidance and proper line care have been shown to reduce the incidence of CLABSI and other line complications in ICUs.

Another factor that reduces CLABSI rates is mandatory central line training.

Central lines may not be inserted in SICU patients by physicians who have not completed this training. No exceptions.

Procedure simulator training in ultrasound-guided Central Line Insertion is conducted regularly in the SICU and at campus courses. If you are not trained and proficient with ultrasound, ask the SICU Medical Director or Trauma/Surgical Critical Care fellows for training.


Review the videos below.

The UCSD SICU videos are mandatory viewing, the NEJM videos are highly recommended. The Centralineman video is suggested before central line procedure simulator training.

Then go to the testing link.

Follow the test registration instructions.

Complete the multiple-choice test. You can break and return to the test at a later time if desired.

The passing score is 70%, if you do not pass, review the material again and retake the test.

Successful completion of the test adds you to the central line insertion database.

NOTE: If you are not trained and proficient with line insertion and ultrasound, ask the SICU Medical Director or Trauma/Surgical Critical Care fellows for vascular access simulator training.


UCSD Videos (Mandatory Viewing)
See SICU Central Line Course Complete Playlist

  • Overview and Introduction to Ultrasound Machine
  • Survey of Proposed Insertion Site
  • Insertion of Central Line - View Videos
  • Clean up and Storage of Ultrasound Machine

NEJM Videos (Highly Recommended)
(Note: subscription required, use if off-site)

  • Subclavian vein (Recommended Approach in SICU Patients)
  • Internal Jugular Vein
  • Femoral vein (Temporary Use Only)

CentraLineMan System (view if you are doing skills training with this trainer)

Online Test:

Note: 30 MC questions, must be completed to finish SICU central line training, 70% score to pass or better, retests allowed.