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New Lecture Series Signals Growing Focus on Alumni


On March 21, UC San Diego's Department of Surgery will host the 1st Annual Alumni Lecture, featuring Dr. David Hoyt, the Executive Director of the American College of Surgeons, who served at UC San Diego for 30 years, first as a surgical resident and eventually as head of the Trauma Center, a position he held for 20 years.

The move this year to launch a lecture series in honor of alumni comes alongside a new initiative to connect with and serve the hundreds who have trained in the Department of Surgery since its founding.

"While UC San Diego is a relatively young institution among its peers, it nonetheless has a deep tradition of producing exceptional community surgeons, as well as leaders in American academic surgery," says Dr. Bryan Clary, Chair of the Department of Surgery. "Alumni are central to the health of an academic surgical department. Their successes are a beacon for those coming after them, and an inspiration to all of us. Connecting alumni with each other and with current faculty and trainees is one of the most important priorities for our Department. The Annual Alumni Lecture is one of many strategies we will undertake to coalesce our alumni, faculty and trainees."

A survey of alumni conducted in January and February 2018, revealed a striking consensus about the need for more opportunities to connect with UC San Diego and other alumni, and for professional networking and other opportunities to engage in the academic life of the UC San Diego after graduation.

As part of the Alumni initiative, the Department is exploring ways to partner with alumni to develop a robust alumni society that builds upon past efforts. "Such a society will be critical to developing initiatives that are meaningful to alumni while also enhancing our traditions and opportunities for current and future trainees," says Dr. Clary.

The Department has also begun to invest resources to build an Alumni Center—a website and community to connect alumni and current trainees, which will include a directory of alumni and past faculty; links to continuing medical education and other events; and spotlights of what alumni are doing now.

Hosting events for alumni from disparate specialties to come together is another top priority. The Annual Alumni Lecture is a first step in this direction, and will feature a departmental Grand Rounds presentation by one of the Department's many celebrated and accomplished alumni. "Dr. Hoyt was an easy choice for this year's inaugural lecture," says Dr. Clary, "and we couldn't be more excited to have him back for this event."

In the coming years, the Department aims to establish a larger annual event, which will dovetail off of the Annual Alumni Lecture, and serve, not only as a resource for not alumni, but to the entire San Diego Surgical Community (within which many of our alumni reside).

"Through these efforts and more, I am certain that we can create a valuable experience for our alumni replete with improved connections with their alumni peers, professional development opportunities, the joy of encouraging the next generation of trainees, and a pipeline to our talented graduates who they may want to hire. The benefits to the Department of an engaged alumni are numerous and fundamental to the advancement of our core missions."


First Annual Alumni Lecture—Event Details

Dr. David Hoyt will give a presentation during Grand Rounds on the history and current status of damage control resuscitation.

Join us at the Moores Cancer Center Goldberg Auditorium, 7:00 a.m., March 21, 2018.