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The Wellness Committee in the Department of Surgery aims to improve processes in order to bolster the daily experience of our team. Representatives from each division identify projects for the group, and events or activities to improve wellness in our daily lives.

Team Sassy, the winners of Fall Trivia Night

Division Representatives


Social outlets for the department, yoga stretching exercises for surgeons, EPIC clinic help.

Crisis Team / Peer Support

The Surgical Crisis Team is a group of identified peer supporters who have been trained to do initial intervention with identified individuals involved in difficult situations at work. We are joined with the anesthesia crisis team, and focus on unexpected operative events. Our scope reaches further to assist members of the Department of Surgery with events outside of the OR as well. The group consists of attendings, residents and NPs. Individuals are referred for professional counseling or intervention as needed.

A broader group of trained providers within the Department of Surgery make up the Peer Support Group. They are available as a resource to the wellness committee and support wellness initiatives in the department.

Current Members

  • Attending Surgeons: Jennifer Berumen M.D., Nicole Lopez M.D.
  • Advanced Providers: Kimmy Gross, NP
  • Resident Members: Claire Janssen, M.D., Elizabeth Roderick, M.D., Sasha Halasz, M.D., Catherine Tsai, M.D.

HEAR: Healer Education Assessment and Referral Program

Employee Assistance Program: live and work well website (PW: UCSDMC - guest code)

The combined surgical and anesthesia crisis team can be reached by emailing:


Residency Wellness Program

Activities this year have included wellness meetings, resident yoga, surgical trivia nights, and cookie decorating Zoom parties and multiple other social events pre COVID. The Resident Well-Being Team consists of attendings and residents and is designed to provide support to each residency class in order to ensure they have an outlet for wellness discussions and resources. We have regularly scheduled meetings with each class to follow their progress throughout the year, and plan activities to promote resident wellness, including retreats, social events, and assistance with finding mentors.


Catherine Tsai
Wellness Administrative Chief Resident