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Faculty Promotion Standards

The Department of Surgery is committed to the academic development of its faculty, and has developed standards for faculty promotion in congruence with other Departments at UC San Diego but tailored to our Department. These criteria were vetted through the Departmental promotions committee and approved through a faculty vote. They are posted below for reference, along with each step in the annual promotion review cycle.

Annual Promotion Review Cycle

Tier 1 academic review process timeline
Tier 1 deadline is June 15, and the last day of submission is July 13

Tier 2 academic review process timeline
Tier 2 deadline is May 15, and the last day of submission is June 12

  1. The list of faculty/academics eligible for promotion is prepared by the academic resource center (ARC) and confirmed with the business office/division in February.
    • How is the eligibility list developed? ARC works with the Infrastructure Unit, which has developed a central database (Academic Information Repository; AIR) to run the eligibility list. The list is then cross-referenced with an end date and employee link report to ensure that all eligible faculty/academics are captured and provided sufficient time to prepare and submit their review materials.
  2. Review actions are confirmed and call letters sent out from the ARC notifying faculty/academics that they are eligible for review in March.
  3. Tier 2* files requiring additional review (i.e., a change in rank such as moving from Assistant to Associate; change in series; or request for acceleration) are due in May to the ARC. Requests for acceleration or change in series will not be considered if files are submitted late to ARC. Documents must be submitted by responding to the initial email with appropriate attachments. Materials can also be submitted by emailing Please be sure to include the ARC number in the subject line.
  4. Faculty files are prepared and sent to the Department of Surgery Committee on Appointments and Promotions (DOSCAP) in July and August. The committee reviews Tier 2 files and sends their recommendations to the ARC.
  5. The Departmental recommendation is confirmed through faculty vote and the formal department recommendation is drafted based on the majority vote.
  6. Faculty receive a copy of the final department recommendation with the request to sign Certification B.
  7. Subsequently the file is submitted to the Vice Chancellor Health Sciences (VCHS) Office for the initial review. The Assistant and Associate Vice Chancellor (AVC) have delegated authority for any Tier 1** file (i.e., normal merit, appointment files at the Assistant rank proposed at Step 1, 2 or 3, etc.). Tier 2 files are reviewed by the VCHS Office and then forwarded to the appropriate committees:
    • School of Medicine Committee on Academic Personnel or SOMCAP: reviews HS clinical series and Clinical X files; Health Sciences AVCs have delegated authority for all HS clinical files
    • Executive Vice Chancellor's office for final approval (for cases that confer tenure or Above Scale designation are now reviewed by the Chancellor.)
    • Committee on Academic Personnel or CAP: reviews Clinical X, In Residence, Adjunct, Ladder Rank. Committees review files and issue outcomes on a rolling basis.
  8. Tier 1 files or normal merit review files are due in August to ARC and those files are submitted directly to the Vice Chancellor's office. ARC serves as a resource for faculty. Requests for additional information are intended to strengthen faculty chance of success.

**Tier 1: non-committee file
*Tier 2: committee file (i.e. School of Medicine Committee on Academic Personnel (SOMCAP), Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP), Project Scientist and Specialist Review Panel (PSSRP), etc.


Department of Surgery ARC representative for reviews:

Cedro Arc
(619) 471-3337

Committee Announcements, deadlines, committee calendars and the authority and review chart

Sarah Blair M.D.
Professor & Vice Chair Academic Affairs
Department of Surgery
UC San Diego
Phone: (858) 822-1230