Injury Prevention

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Injuries from trauma, including car and motorcycle crashes, knife and gunshot wounds, burns, falls, domestic violence and sports injuries, are those that are the most life threatening – and the most preventable.

The expert clinicians, researchers, and program developers at UC San Diego’s Trauma Center and their Injury Epidemiology Prevention and Research Center (IEPRC) are dedicated to preventing trauma-related injuries and deaths. As part of the mandated injury prevention component of a Level I Trauma Center, the Trauma Chief, Trauma Program Manager and Trauma Program Coordinator provide leadership and the coordinated community involvement so vital in trauma prevention.

As founding members of the SD Regional Trauma System, and TREF (Trauma Research Education Foundation), UC San Diego Medical Center’s Division of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, Burns and Acute Care Surgery was instrumental in establishing injury and trauma prevention in San Diego County.


Through securing grants to conduct research, implementing best-practice programs shown to reduce injuries and trauma, and sharing their expertise, the Trauma Center and IEPRC apply knowledge gained through academic medicine to create highly effective injury prevention strategies.


Taking a proactive role in community collaboration by partnering with other departments, universities, and convening experts allows the Trauma Center and IEPRC to share and combine expertise and research findings. Through this collaborative community, prevention initiatives can be extended to those at highest risk for traumatic injury, and delivered in the communities where people live and work.

Through programs such as these, the UC San Diego Division of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, Burns and Acute Care Surgery hopes to further reduce the incidence of traumatic injuries in our community:

  • HOME SAFETY MAKEOVER IN A DAY; A 2012 professionally produced video filmed in the home of The Wallace's, a San Diego family whose personal tragedy prompted them to partner with the Trauma Research Education Foundation (TREF), which supports the six trauma centers in San Diego County, and SafeKids to help prevent childhood injury.

    In 2007, the Wallace family lost their 3 year old daughter when a small dresser fell on her in their home. Although their toddler did not survive, they hope their message will resonate with other families and motivate them to childproof their homes. "We thought our home was safe, but the dresser was the one thing we overlooked. The only thing we can do now is to help prevent this tragedy from happening to other families," said Nikki Wallace.

    Featuring Emmy winner John Weisbarth (Padres Pre and Postgame shows) as narrator, Home Safety Makeover in a Day educates and entertains in an upbeat and informative, do-it-yourself format.


  • SAFE DRIVING INITIATIVES; Road Safe Seniors and CarFit Training, TREF Safe Teen Driving Council, Distracted Driving Campaign, California Screening and Brief Intervention Research and Training (CASBIRT), a safety initiative for Bike to Work Day, and UC San Diego Medical Center MADD Walk Team.


  • FALL PREVENTION AND WALKABLE COMMUNITIES ADVOCACY; An in-patient Fall Prevention risk assessment and program, speakers bureau for SD County Fall Prevention Task Force partner to conduct neighborhood Walkability Audits and Safe Routes to School Day.


  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION; Medical Steering Committee of the San Diego County Domestic Violence Council, Medical Center Code Purple Program, in-patient evidence-based Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Program.


  • BURN PREVENTION EDUCATION; Burn prevention and safety presentations given to parent groups, school children, and at community events. We collaborate with the San Diego Burn Institute on widespread burn prevention education, and with the SD County “Before the Threat” fire and trauma prevention initiative.


  • INJURY PREVENTION AND SAFETY EDUCATION; Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) Advisory for Kit for New Parents, SafeKids Coalition, SANDAPP (SD Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Program) Curriculum Advisory.

Regional Trauma Center/Injury Prevention Epidemiology and Research Center (IPERC)

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Trauma and Burn Prevention Coordinator

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